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Welcome international etiquette enthusiasts!

Here at The Emily Post Institute, we have a little equation for etiquette. It goes like this:

Etiquette = Manners + Principles

While manners are culturally specific practices which may change over time, the principles of respect, honesty, and consideration form the basis of etiquette no matter who you are or where live. Although our headquarters are based out of Burlington, Vermont and our specialty is American etiquette, we can offer some basic advice about appropriate conduct when traveling abroad, according to these key principles.

Before you travel: Acquaint yourself with your destination

Before you begin your journey, do a bit of research to familiarize yourself with the country to which you are traveling and the main aspects of its culture. Reference books, newspapers, or Internet travel sites are all great sources to use for information on a country's history, current events, and traditional customs. When learning about the general background and statistics of a country, you may want to consider:

  • Name(s) of key political figures
  • National holidays and days of rest
  • Form of government and what that means for the country: for example, a republic could mean a dictatorship
  • National religion and alternatives
  • The correct and full name of the country

It is also very important to be aware of the contemporary customs and daily practices of the country's citizens. Keep in mind that some aspects of what is considered normal behavior in the United States may be taboo in another culture. While preparing yourself for immersion in a foreign culture, you may investigate:

  • Policies on alcohol and drug use
  • Gender issues
  • Controversial topics
  • Inappropriate material
  • Dress code
  • Public displays of affection and personal space

Learning about a country and its customs before you visit is a mark of a conscientious traveler. It is a sign of respect toward your hosts and their culture, who will generally appreciate your efforts to adapt to their traditions while abroad.

The Emily Post Institute's International Presence

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Visitors and those planning on doing business in the United States can find Emily Post Titles printed in Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean and Japanese

Social Media

Through social media sites like our Etiquette Daily blog, The Emily Post Institute invites readers from across the globe to participate in our ongoing discussion on etiquette.

Trainings and Seminars

In the past, The Emily Post Institute has conducted seminars and etiquette trainings in several international locations, including:

  • Singapore
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Saudi Arabia

We look forward to returning to these places, as well as extending our reach to other countries.



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