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The Good Guest's Pledge

Here is the Good Guest's Pledge—a promise to behave in a thoughtful and respectful manner during the wedding celebrations:

During the Ceremony
  • WG_goodguest_WOI will respect the sanctity of the occasion and not talk during the wedding ceremony or interrupt the service by taking pictures with a flash camera. This is also not the time to mingle or loudly greet friends or acquaintances. I will turn off the ringers on my cell phone and pager.
  • I will participate in as much of the ceremony as my own religion and that of the ceremony permit. If a mass or communion is offered and I choose not to participate, I will remain quietly in my seat. Otherwise, I'll stand when others stand and sit when others sit. I am not required to kneel or to recite prayers that are contrary to my own beliefs.
  • I will not show up at the ceremony or reception with a surprise guest, whether a date, children, or extras in general.

During the Reception

  • I will not grab the microphone to croon a few favorite numbers, no matter how impressive my singing voice, or broadcast stories or jokes, no matter how humorous I can be.
  • I won't monopolize the bride and groom in the receiving line. I will offer brief comments and then move on quickly.
  • I will not alter place cards or switch tables at the reception. Instead, I will be as cordial as I can be wherever the bride and groom have designated that I sit. I will introduce myself to my tablemates and add a little explanation about how I know the couple.
After the Reception
  • I will not take the centerpiece upon departing, scoop up matchbooks, or request that any uneaten portion of my meal be put in a doggie bag to be taken home.
  • I will not get behind the wheel if I've had too much to drink, nor will I allow others who are intoxicated to endanger themselves.





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