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Destination Wedding

Is Traveling Enough of a Gift?

Am I expected to give a gift if I'm attending a destination wedding? If so, is it customary to send the present in advance? Should I spend the same amount as I would for a couple getting married closer to home?

Destination_WeddingEvery wedding invitation carries the obligation to give a gift. Ideally you should send it before the wedding, to either the couple (if they live together) or to the bride. You can also mail it to the newlyweds within a month after they return from their honeymoon. (It's a myth that you have up to a  year to give a wedding present.) If you're spending a lot to attend the event, you may opt for a less expensive item or something you've made yourself-often the most meaningful presents cost very little. But do get the couple something. While your attendance at a wedding so far from home is a wonderful gift in itself, a small yet heartfelt token is always appropriate.



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