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Culture Conflict: Wedding Gifts

In my future in-law's culture, it's typical for guests to give the couple money at the wedding. My parents and I are utterly mortified by the idea, but my fiancé's folks are dead set on us continuing this tradition (my groom says he's fine either way).  Any suggestions?

WNT_cultureconflict_WOLet your fiancé's family enjoy their ritual.  After all, why start off your new life together by shunning something so important to them?  While you and yours may not care for this particular practice (some people feel uncomfortable accepting envelopes of cash from guests they don't know), try to look at it as a way to honor your groom and his family's heritage.  No one from your side would be forced to participate, whereas banning monetary gifts may well alienate your betrothed's family and confuse the people they invite.  And look at the bright side: At the end of the day, you get to leave your wedding with a tidy nest egg.




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