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Calling all RSVPs...

Is it a bad idea to have our 150 guests RSVP by phone instead of mail?

My groom's extended family is not the most sophisticated, and I worry that they may not know to send back the response cards.

Embrace-Ecru-WOWe recommend you stick with the mailed response cards. If yours were a small, informal wedding of 50 or so guests, RSVPs via phone or even email could work. But why would you want to be inundated with 150 phone calls so close to your wedding date? If you truly believe your fiancé's family doesn't understand the obligations implied by an RSVP-the abbreviation for the French Réspondez s'il vous plait, meaning "Please reply"-you may contact his relatives by phone approximately two to three weeks before the date of the wedding. Ask family members and bridesmaids to help, if necessary.



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