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Weddings: The Final Weeks

Checking these items off your list will make the Big Day all the more enjoyable:
  • WP_weddingsfinalweeks_WOReconfirm the rehearsal plans with your clergy member and the dinner-site coordinator. Remind all attendees of the time and place.
  • Finalize the seating plan for the reception.
  • Have final consultations with the caterer (head count) and other professionals as necessary.
  • Attend pre-wedding parties: showers, bridesmaids’ luncheon, bachelor or bachelorette party.
  • Review the best man’s duties with him.
  • Prepare a list of any special ceremony seating for guests, to give to ushers.
  • Prepare a list of “must have” photos or videos to give to photographer and videographer.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Make final arrangements for you and your attendants for the day of the wedding.
  • Give your wedding announcements to whoever will be mailing them shortly after the wedding.


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