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Weddings: 12-24 Months in Advance

Things to check off your list 1-2 years before the Big Day:

  • WP_weddings1224_WOAnnounce your engagement to friends and family, and in any newspapers if desired.
  • Decide the date and time of your wedding.
  • Choose the style of your wedding—formal or informal; traditional, theme, or destination; civil or religious.
  • Determine a budget.
  • Create a filing/organizational system for wedding paperwork.
  • Decide on the size of the guest list and number of attendants.
  • Meet with your officiant or clergy member.
  • Meet with family members to discuss plans and the division of expenses.
  • Decide whether to hire a wedding consultant.
  • Choose your ceremony and reception locations.
  • Investigate the legal requirements to acquire a marriage license.
  • Select your attendants, both female and male.
  • Interview and book wedding professionals, including the caterer, florist, photographer, and musicians.
  • Research honeymoon options and destinations.


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