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Ideas for Theme Wedding Showers

Great Theme Showers

A shower needs no theme other than to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a couple. Sometimes, however, a hostess narrows or custom-designs the focus of a shower (often after discussions with the bride regarding the wedding couple's needs) to a certain theme. Guests are then expected to bring gifts related to that theme, and the hostess may even provide theme-related food and decorations. Ideas for themes are limitless. Some choices, and suggested gifts are as follows:

Kitchen Shower

Glasses, knives, linens, utensils

Spa Shower

Massage certificates, aromatherapy oils, candles, robes

Honeymoon Shower

Travel clock, sewing kit, first aid kit, travel book

Leisure Time Shower

Movie tickets, boards games, videos, CDs, cocktail glasses, napkins

Gourmet Cook Shower

Gourmet foods and wines, utensils, cookbooks

The Great Outdoors Shower

Badminton set, flower seeds and gardening tools, picnic basket, Japanese lanterns, croquet set

Happy Holidays Shower

Decorations for every holiday of the year

Recipe Shower

Guests are given recipe cards to record their favorites, and these cards are collected at the party and put into a recipe box provided by the hostess. At some recipe showers, guests may even prepare one of their recipes.

Labor of Love Shower

Promises, not gifts are brought to this shower where friends pledge to paint, wallpaper, garden, or donate their talents in any number of ways.

More theme ideas are available in the New Times, New Traditions section of Etipedia.

For more information on planning and attending wedding and bridal showers, check out "Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette."



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