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Wedding Party Planning and Etiquette Tips

Who hosts?

Friends of the bride and/or groom. It’s fine to have a group host the party, making it easier to share expenses and organizational tasks. Contrary to popular belief, bridesmaids do not have to host a shower for the bride, although they may if they wish.

WP_weddingparty_WOWho pays?

Hosts pay for the shower expenses. At bachelor or bachelorette parties, each guest normally pays his or her own tab, and everyone chips in to cover the expenses for the bride or groom since they are the ones being honored.

Two to three months ahead:

Pick the venue and reserve if necessary. Decide on a theme, agree on a budget and assign tasks if you are sharing the hosting.

When do you host a shower?

Showers are usually held anywhere from two to three months to two to three weeks before the wedding.

When do you host a bachelor/bachelorette party?

From two months to one to two weeks before the wedding. There’s lot’s to do in those last weeks; make sure this is a time for relaxing and a “last” get together for the wedding party and close friends.

Who’s invited?

Any party associated with a wedding should be an intimate gathering of close friends or relatives. Anyone invited to a shower (office showers excepted) should be on the wedding guest list as well. While the hosts determine the size of the guest list, the idea is not to duplicate the wedding guest list—that looks like a tacky grab for gifts.

When do you mail the invitations?

Invitations should be mailed 4-5 weeks prior to the event: This gives everyone a chance to make travel arrangements or beg time off from work if necessary. A shorter lead time puts invitees in crunch mode.

What goes on the invitation?

Obviously the usual: who is hosting, when and where the party will be held, who is being honored, and the all important RSVP info: phone number, email and date to respond by. Additionally, if the party has a theme, or you are giving an assignment (like 8 AM for a ‘round the clock’ shower), include that info on the invitation, as well as any special attire: golfing attire, garden party casual—ladies: hats welcome!



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