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Bridesmaid Binds

Contribution Concerns:

My attendants haven't come to my gown appointments or made any effort to help me look for bridesmaids dresses.  How can I get them to contribute more?

WP_bridesmaidbind_WOYou were probably looking forward to sharing these experiences with your closest friends.  Yet a bride-to-be can easily forget that other people have demands on their time and budgets too.  Be respectful of the fact that your bridesmaids might be busier with work and family right now than they'd expected to be.  Have a face-to-face conversation with each bridesmaid rather than send an e-mail, in which you may come off more tersely than you intend.  Avoid expressing disappointment, and instead tell her how much her help, advice and camaraderie mean to you.  Be as specific as possible.   Figure out exactly what you need from each attendant.  For instance, tell your fashion-forward friend that you really want her counsel when it comes to dresses.  Ask your most organized friend to arrange your bachelorette party.



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