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Wedding Budget Planner Resource

Planning—and keeping track of—Your Budget

The following planner includes traditional costs associated with a wedding. Some are mandatory, such as marriage license fees, and some are optional, such as a limousine or a videographer. Whether an optional category is mandatory to you is your decision. For example, if it is really important to you to arrive at the ceremony in a white stretch limousine, then this will become a fixed cost in your budget. A fixed cost, yes, but adaptable—if you must have a stretch limo, call more than one car service to get the best value.

Don’t forget the little costs that add up quickly. Things like stockings and lingerie are considered “bride’s accessories,” not just shoes and jewelry. Be as thorough as you can to get the most realistic picture. The following planner, in a printable PDF file, may help you build your own budget worksheet.  

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