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Second Shower?

My attendants want to have a bridal shower for me, but I'm worried that people will think this is just too much, since I had showers the first time I was married and that wasn't very long ago. Is it OK to have a shower or should I just tell them to skip it?

WNT_showerthemes2_WOIt's OK to have a shower, as long as you are careful with the guest list. People who were invited to your previous showers should not be invited again, with the exception of your mom, of course, and very close relatives and friends who would want to be there. Your new friends may also be invited, as well as your fiancé's family members. If he has been married before, the guest list should not include his relatives or friends who attended any showers for his first wife, unless they are especially close to him or you. An option: Instead of a shower, your attendants might rather have a small luncheon or tea for you -- sans gifts.




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