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Getting Married (Again)

Second Bridal Showers, Ex-In-Laws and Keeping Your Name- How to Balance Traditional Elements with New Meaning

This is my second wedding. My matron of honor wants to throw me a shower, but my mother says it would be improper. What should I do?

WNT_shower_WOIt is perfectly acceptable to have a shower for a second marriage. In general, the guest list should be made up of new friends of the bride or the couple or close friends and relatives. It is better not to invite guests, other than the closest of friends, who attended a shower for the first marriage. For couples who may already have all of the basic necessities, food showers, garden showers or ticket (to some form of entertainment) showers may be more appropriate than traditional showers.

I'm still really close to my ex-in-laws. Is it OK to invite them to my wedding?
When done for the right reasons, including former in-laws can be fine. If your ex-in-laws are still devoted grandparents to your children, or if you are very close friends, then it might be a nice idea to include them. But check with your fiance first. I inviting them will make him or her uncomfortable, don't do it. And it's always better not to invite ex-spouses.
How can I avoid confusion over my decision to keep my maiden name?

Notify those who might assume you will be taking your husband's name. Some good ways: in announcements, both mailed and in the newspaper, and on stationary or in the return address on thank-you-note envelopes. Older relatives may not understand your decision, as it was uncommon in their day. If you need to correct someone, do so kindly.



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