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Wedding E-vitations

Wedding E-vitations 1263163_wedding_vows

They are practical, thrifty, and green.  And if those were the only criteria for sending electronic wedding invitations, they’d be used by more couples.  Consider these points:

  • Do all your guests use email and check it regularly? This may be the case for your younger guests, but not for your Great-Aunt.  Some services also require Internet access to view and respond to the invitation.
  • Will it get delivered? While posted snail mail has been known to go astray, emails can fall victim to misspelled addresses and spam blockers.
  • Is it personal and special enough? A wedding invitation is one of the most personal invitations issued, and an electronic version may not convey that sentiment.
  • Will it make responding easier or more timely? Not necessarily.  The good guest will respond right away, but for the rest of the world, once the email notice falls below the screen, it may be out of sight, out of mind.

On the plus side, their fun factor makes them great for a wedding shower or attendant’s party.



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