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The Clingy Friend

At my friend's wedding, one of the guests hung on her all night.  What's the best way to prevent this?

WD_theclingyfriend_WOTalk to your maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or another friend or relative about your concerns before your wedding.  Ask that person to keep her eye on you during the reception so she can swoop in and move you along if you're being monopolized by one person.  You may even want to have a subtle sign, such as folding your arms, to let your designated helper know that you need rescuing.  And remember, it's your day, so don't be afraid to be up-front with a chatty guest.  Just have a heart - she may not know may people.  Say something like, "I've enjoyed catching up, but I have to mingle with more of our guests.  Before I go, let me introduce you to my friend Jane.  I know you'll just love her."



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