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Non-Alcoholic Reception
My fiancé does not drink alcohol, and we will not be offering any at our reception. But our families won't stop complaining and making comments. Is there any way we can get them to respect our wishes?

WD_nonalcoholic_WOWhat to serve at your event is ultimately your decision, and it's fine to forgo liquor. Some people make this choice due to their religious or cultural beliefs; others because of a complicated history with alcohol. Nevertheless, your guests' comfort should be a primary concern. Given that both families are unhappy, you may want to rethink your decision and offer champagne and wine at your party, or have a bottle of wine delivered to each guest's room before the wedding. Also, be aware that even though your reception is "dry," some folks may seek out and find alcoholic beverages. (It's fairly easy to do in a hotel or restaurant.) If this happens, respect your guests' choice-don't confront anyone or get upset.