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Wedding Showers

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Gifts fit the theme of the party and shouldn’t be too elaborate or very costly.  Here are some clever, low-cost ideas:

  • Book and music showers – Reading and music make great themes for showers for a couple.  A DVD shower might be perfect for movie lovers.
  • Recipe showers – An old custom revived, the presents are favorite recipes, usually written on standard recipe cards and collected in a recipe box or file.  Online recipe services such as tastebook.com can create printed, personalized recipe books that can be added to in the future.
  • Pantry showers – For couples who already have well-equipped kitchens, guests bring useful and often exotic pantry supplies—spices, condiments, coffees and teas, paper products, bamboo skewers and the like.
  • Stock-the-bar showers – Guests needn’t buy expensive brands to help a couple acquire the basic bar components, including items such as measures, bottle openers, swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins, bottled garnishes, and tins of fancy nuts.
  • Best wishes showers – Instead of things, guests bring sentiments—original writings, favorite quotations, humorous sayings.  These expressions can be written on pages supplied by the host before the party, read aloud at the party, and then collected in an attractive notebook for the couple.


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