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In this section we look at weddings from the perspective of honoring tradition as well as moving forward with the times. Every wedding is a union not only of two individuals but two families. In every culture there are rituals and traditions that are a critical part of the event. Of all the special occasions, your wedding is one of the most special. In this section you will learn the unique manners and special etiquette that will help make your wedding a great success.


  • The Engagement   ( 10 Articles )

    While the engagement process is an exciting time for all of those involved, certain guidelines exist for announcing the news and beginning the preparations for your future wedding. Be excited for you and your fiance, but get ready to balance a good deal of planning. No doubt you will encounter many unexpected questions and concerns as you move through the months following your engagement.

  • New Times, New Traditions   ( 14 Articles )

    When making decisions about your wedding, it is often necessary to balance new trends and personalizations with timeless traditions. Family structures, for instance, are not uniform and thus cannot be held to traditional expectations; a growing interest in DIY brings new life to invitations and decorations; cruises and adventure hiking are now acceptable honeymoons. It can be tricky business to plan the wedding that you want while paying due respect to those traditions that may be valuable.

  • Planning Your Wedding   ( 50 Articles )

    There is a great deal to balance when planning a wedding, from the greater questions of where and when it is going to take place, to the finer details of whether your aunt will be allergic to the strawberry layer in the cake you've chosen. It may sometimes be difficult to remember in the bustle of it all, but consideration, communication, and compromise are essential to planning a day that will be joyous for everyone.

  • Wedding Invitations and Announcements   ( 12 Articles )

    When your guests receive an invitation to your wedding, they receive an impression of your preparation. The invitations convey the style, tone, formality and details of your upcoming the event. They also reflect your personal sense of style. As always, it is important to remember when formatting them that consideration for your guests is a primary concern.

  • Wedding Attire   ( 6 Articles )

    There are many people in a wedding to consider when it comes to attire. And while your personal attire is ultimately up to you, it is important to consider the comfort of those in your wedding party when choosing their clothes. For those who are left to select their own outfits, be considerate with your suggestions and comments; remember, most people will be looking at the bride and groom anyways!

  • Wedding Registries, Gifts, and Thank-yous   ( 12 Articles )

    Giving gifts to the wedding couple is a longstanding tradition which serves as a tangible representation of love and support. As times change, gifts may range from traditional housewares to money towards a trip or a house. When choosing a gift, consider what the bride and groom may need as they begin a new life together. And if you are receiving the gifts, be sure to do so gracefully, and to thank your guests with conscious consideration.

  • The Big Day   ( 11 Articles )

    It can be stressful, no doubt. Afterall, you have put many months of planning, designing and fitting into a few emotional hours of action. Some things will happen just as you planned them, others may not. But when your big day comes at last, you will find that if you communicate with consideration and compromise, then most issues will be solved with a little creativity and calmness.

  • Remarriage   ( 8 Articles )

    Today, encore weddings may be just as much of a celebration as first time affairs. It is extremely important, however, to consider how your wedding may reshuffle or otherwise affect not only your own family but also the families who are connected to your life. There may be twice as many bases to cover, but with honest consideration for all those involved it will be another memorable event.

  • A Guide for Wedding Guests   ( 10 Articles )


    The couple being married are the focus of any wedding, but the guests also have important roles to play. From RSVPing promptly to sending a gift to giving the ceremony one's full attention (meaning no smartphone use!), a guest's most important role is to be gracious and respectful of the couple's big day, and celebrate with love and joy.



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