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What does etiquette mean to you? To us, it means treating people with consideration, respect, and honesty. It means being aware of how our actions affect those around us. Why? To help us build successful relationships.

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New from Emily Post

  • NewGolfCoverNEW! Just in time for summer, Peter Post's popular golf etiquette book has been re-released as "The Unwritten Rules of Golf."

  • Summer means weddings. Whether you're a guest or the one saying "I do," we can help you with wedding etiquette.

  • NEW! Our Q&A blog, the Etiquette Daily just recieved a new look and we love it! Take a look and join the conversation.



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Emily Post Business Etiquette Seminars:

Help your team build successful relationships



Seminars from The Emily Post Institute give your team the social skills and refining polish they need to take their business relationships to the next level. Good business is built on great relationships, and great relationships are the result of knowing how to interact in ways that build trust and positive communication. Our business etiquette training teaches behaviors that project confidence, consistency and trustworthiness. We look at topics such as:

· Why you need a healthy business communication diet that includes in person conversation skills, smartphone rules, email best practices and social media guidelines

· Comprehensive business dining etiquette, from place settings and etiquette for each course to how to interact with the other diners 

· How to navigate introductions, business meetings, networking events, and business travel

· A five-step method for solving difficult relationship situations, taught through examples and group exercises

green_learnmore_WOEmily Post Business Etiquette Seminarsare for everyone from the new-hire to the CEO. They are for anyone who wants to navigate today’s business environment with increased emotional intelligence and reinvest in the skills that help build success relationships. Contact Steven Puettner today for more information.



Basic Table Setting:


Basic Place Setting: Click Here for Description and Diagram

Informal Table Setting:


Informal Place Setting: Click Here for Description and Diagram

Formal Table Setting:


Formal Place Setting: Click Here for Description and Diagram



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