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General Tipping Guidelines

When and Where and How Much


The following chart covers tipping guidelines for three of the most common times tipping is expected: at restaurants, during travel, and at salons. For more information, read about the finer points of tipping and holiday tipping.




Wait service (sit down)


15-20%, pre-tax

Wait service (buffet)


10%, pre-tax

Host or Maitre d'


No obligation for greeting you and showing you to your table.
$10-$20 for going above and beyond to find you a table on a busy night or on occasion, if you are a regular patron

Take Out


No obligation
10% for extra service (curb delivery) or a large, complicated order

Home Delivery  

10-15% of the bill, $2-5 for pizza delivery depending on the size of the order and difficulty of delivery 



$1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the tab

Tipping jars


No obligation
Tip occasionally if your server or barista provides a little something extra or if you are a regular customer.

Restroom Attendant


$0.50-$3, depending on the level of service



Tip when the car is returned to you.





$2 first bag, $1 per additional bag



A smile and a "thanks" when he  opens the door
$1-$4 for carrying luggage
$1-$2 for hailing cab (add an extra $1 if it's raining)
$1-$4 beyond the call of duty



$2 first bag, $1 per additional bag
$2-3 for each additional service, such as room delivery



$2-$5 per day, left daily with a note marked "Housekeeping - Thank you"



No obligation for answering questions
$5-10 for tickets or restaurant reservations
$15 for hard-to-get tickets or reservations, or 10-20% of the ticket price

Taxi driver


15-20% of the fare, but minimally $1
$2 for the first bag, $1 for the second



Hair Salon


15-20%, ask to be split among those who served you




Facial, waxing, massage




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